Content Creation

We understand that putting your business goals, mission statements, products, services, and any other aspect of your company into words can be difficult and time consuming.  You want to get your point and passion across, but you want it to sound unique, captivating, and attractive, ultimately to reach out to potential and existing customers.  Content Creators Hawaii absolutely excels in this service. Our team of creative writers can transform your thoughts into words, and help get your business point across.  Whether you need content re-branding, a new catch phrase or tagline, fresh content, updated bios, or new descriptions for your website, our team can handle it.

We work directly with our clients to make sure the wording is precise and the intentions are clear.  This service is  key for a successful website because it not only brands your company, it also provides the opportunity to communicate to your clients who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you over the competition.  Good literature is how businesses convey their services and their goals, and without it, clients are left wondering what the website is actually trying to sell.  Consumers will easily choose one company over the next, simply for their presentation and their clearly stated (and uniquely worded) intent.  Here’s a simple example for a bakery website:

Camille’s Cupcakes
Open from 6:00am till 4:00pm
Stop in and see what we’ve created today!

This website heading gives the potential client a vague idea of what Camille’s Cupcakes sells by just the name of the company, but it doesn’t elaborate on what else they provide.  A potential client might pass them up because they think Camille’s Cupcakes only sells cupcakes.  There is also nothing to catchy about this heading, and the attention of a potential client is most likely lost.  Nothing entices them in or asks them to browse.  Creative content would design the website heading to be more like this:

Camille’s Cupcakes
“We’re baking your favorite!”
An array of artisan baked goodies

Open every day from 6:00am till 4:00pm
Stop by for a free sample and see what we’re creating today!

Without overly flooding the heading with unnecessary information, we’ve transformed something vague into something more specific and more enticing.  Of course, our writers will work with you to make sure you are happy with every word, but we get the creativity started and your originality coined.  Plus, we update your content as often as you’d like, so that it’s fresh and innovative for your clients.

Our team of writers can help in any avenue of literature.  Here’s a list of just a few of the things our services can offer:

New tag lines or slogans
Company re branding
Revisions and editing
Fleshing out of existing literature
Updates to current content
Personal interaction to gain an understanding of the company
Photo, image, and video descriptions
Personal brainstorming with our clients
Mission statements, goals, products, and services creation